Consulting Services

Consulting Services


Grow to the power of n Consulting ensures that the strategies, policies, systems, processes and resources of your organisation are in place and effective in order to support and enable the change or implementation process.

Our Consulting Services include:

  • Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Management System Development
  • Organisational Diagnostic Audit and
  • Employee Engagement Survey



Our Strategic Partnerships

Louis Allen WorldwideGrown Consulting owns the exclusive license for marketing and delivering Louis Allen programs and consulting offerings within the sub-Saharan African region through its strategic partnership with Louis Allen Worldwide.

Recent research by Louis Allen Worldwide has shown that satisfaction, organisational climate and/or culture do not drive business results, only employee engagement does.

Engaged employees work hard and cares about their companies.  Comparing the top 25% versus the bottom 25% of companies’ employee engagement scores indicates the following impact on results:

Higher Profits


12% higher profit

12% higher customer satisfaction

18% greater productivity

27% less absenteeism

51% lower voluntary staff turnover

52% lower inventory shrinkage

62% fewer accidents

The Louis Allen Worldwide Engagement Survey TM  not only provides an Employee Engagement Index Score, but also surveys the 16 Root Causes that impact engagement, pinpointing the focus areas for management.  Grown Consulting Satisfaction is NOT Engagement!

Root Cause Matrix


AmbrosettiIn co-operation with Grown Consulting, The European House – Ambrosetti launched the South Africa-Italy Summit in 2014 with the vision to build a community of leaders from South Africa and Italy to reinforce the strategic relationship between the two countries and capitalise on new opportunities for growing Africa.

The European House – Ambrosetti is the oldest management consultancy in Italy that specialises in management consulting, leader education and high-level think tanks, summits and forums.

Grown Consulting supports this practical initiative that brings together political, industry and business leaders from both South Africa and Italy as well as their respective regions to discuss key issues, showcase specific opportunities and create partnerships that will develop people, organisations and communities.

For more information on The European House – Ambrosetti and the South Africa-Italy Summit, please click here