Louis Allen

Louis AllenLOUIS ALLEN has been at the forefront of management leadership development, internationally, for over 50 years. The methodology focuses on putting theory into practice using an integrated systems approach to management leadership.

This practical approach not only changes behaviour, it also creates exceptional business results. It provides each participant with the foundational concepts, principles and techniques necessary to plan, lead, organise and control more effectively. Another benefit of the Louis Allen offerings provided by Grown Consulting is the ability to customise the offerings for a specific industry, culture or environment.

The Allen Management System

A systems approach to the Management Work of Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling.

The lack of a unifying management system is one of the biggest challenges facing most organisations today.  A unified system links management’s goals and strategies with its external environment, and aligns its internal organisation to enable execution.  Failure to execute within a unified system is a key reason organisations are not re-adjusting to the demands of working with reduced workforces, meeting the demands for quick return on investments, staying competitive, keeping up with rapid technological change, or competing effectively for the workforces’ most valued employees.

To compete (or remain relevant as departments within an organisation), management leaders need to:

  • Manage from a systems perspective
  • Continuously link external needs to their organisational goals
  • Assume responsibility for managing beyond the boundaries of their areas of responsibility
  • Consistently apply the universal functions of planning, organising, leading and controlling.

Download the full document to explain the Allen Management System here