Training Services

Training Services

Grown Consulting provides various internationally acclaimed and locally accredited training and development solutions including the best-in-class management and leadership development offerings from Louis Allen and Zenger Folkman.  For more information on our brands, please click on the following logos below:

Our training offerings include short courses, comprehensive management leadership development programs, SETA accredited skills programs, as well as customised development solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of individual contributors, specialists, supervisors, middle to senior management, executive leadership, and even entrepeneurs and small business owners.

Louis Allen Zenger Folkman

Grown Consulting offers the following training programs:



NQF Level

No. of Credits

Effective Business Performance Management

2 Days + 12 Week Project

5 13 Credits
Professional Management Leadership 6 Days + 12 Week Project 5 26 Credits
Effective Management Leadership in Practice 5 Days + 12 Week Project 4 46 Credits
Introduction to Project Management 2 Days + 8 Week Project 5 8 Credits
Change Leader  2 Days + 8 Week Project  5  8 Credits
Stakeholder Management  2 Days + 8 Week Project  5  14 Credits
POLC in Action 2 Days/1 Day/4-Hour Sessions  N/A  N/A
The Extraordinary Leader 360-Survey + 1 Day  N/A  N/A
The Extraordinary Performer 360-Survey + 1 Day  N/A  N/A
The Extraordinary Coach 1 Day  N/A  N/A


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Learning in action is grown consulting’s Learning Management System designed on Moodle.  A Learning Management System is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of e-Learning courses.

Although we still do traditional classroom training, the need has arisen for a more blended approach.  Learning in Action facilitates blended learning by giving the learner flexibility in terms of learning preference, pace of learning, time management and ultimately reducing of training costs.

Click here for more information on Learning in Action


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